House-Sitters World-Wide provides the best care for your home, farm, pets, livestock, gardens and anything else you might have!


About Us:

Pamela and her daughter Chelsey have been house-sitting since 2013.
Since 2019 Owen, Sage and Verity have been added to the house-sitting team!
Pamela and Owen like to be able to give Chelsey, Verity and Sage the experience of having pets as a child without making a long-term commitment to them.
Also, they like being able to help owners keep their pets at home rather than put them in kennels.
Owners don’t like to hear this, but their pets don’t really miss them very much at all when we're there!
Kennels stress your pets out, but as long as any nice human is around to look after them at home, they are quite content.
Our children are home-schooled via distance education due to our need to travel for work and study, therefore we can be flexible with locations and dates.
We are NON-SMOKERS and do not have any pets to bring with us, just us!
See our page entitled "House-Sitting" for more details, but here is a list of animals and environments that we have had direct experience with for your peace of mind (in no particular order):

-Dogs (big and small)                          
-Guinea Pigs

-Tropical Monsoons
-Floods including flash floods
-Bush Fires