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Posted by Pamela and Chris on Thursday, December 26, 2013
February 18th 2014

Well the housing for the goats is finally finished, which is great because we are finished at this job and leaving tomorrow. We'll be back house-sitting in Uki for other people in 3 months so we will drop in and say hi here. Lovely people, lovely home, lovely animals. We've had a great time! When we come back this way, we will have a new addition to our traveling family, as we are expecting the arrival of a baby girl before then.

January 31st 2014

Chloe and Teo approve of the new housing estate erected for the goats who will be living here when the owners of this property return from their much deserved holiday

The alpacas already have their own accommodation of course, but they look a bit jealous of the goat shelters

January 23rd 2014

Here is Chris with our ute and one of the owners. They are adding goats to their property upon return from their holiday, so Chris has been asked to cut this old and unused rainwater tank up for shelter for the goats.
Our huge ute tray is just another advantage to having us stay!

This fella, the size of your hand, is a friendly enough housemate, doesn't say much, spends most of his time in the shed

Left to right: Tess, Billy (the bull) and Maggie. Billy has been brought in by a neighbour to breed with Tess and Maggie. Tess and Maggie will live out their natural lives here, their only "job" being to keep the grass short to save on mowing!

One of our nomadic neighbours (below)

January 20th 2014
Chloe detected an antechinu today in one of the boxes we were storing outside. It must have gone in there when we had the lid open over the last few days and then been trapped inside when we closed it again. It got away, so antechinu:1 and Chloe:0 but she still had fun with the chase, and we appreciate her help.

It was too fast for us to photograph so this is a picture of one from the article about them below.

This says that they are carnivorous, but our little visitor was eating some stale rice cakes and sunflower seeds that it found in amongst our belongings. Thankfully it didn't eat anything else, unlike mice and rats that eat clothes and books and alike.

January 18th 2014
These alpacas are very cute! We were warned that they spit like camels but so far so good, no spitting incidents to report. There are 5 of them here but 1 stayed up on the hill, perhaps a bit shy. We're sure that he will warm up to us though.
2 of them like to be fed cubes and the other 3 like to be fed hay.

This huge rooster was crowing at 4:30am this morning, so it was no wonder that we caught him napping this afternoon! He awoke just as we went to take his photo though. One of these lovely ladies laid us a yummy egg that we shared at lunch.

January 17th 2014 - afternoon

Tao took the entire day to warm up to us (or maybe he was just snoozing under the house) but now he is following us around as much as Chloe is

January 17th 2014 - morning
3rd day here, settling in

Chloe (featured below with Pamela) might just be the friendliest dog in the whole world! She can't get enough of our pats!

The owners are really nice and well traveled, so we have been exchanging travel stories with them before they depart.

From mid-January 2014 for a month

A very nice reference from the owners of this property can be found below.
(Contact details are available upon request. Redacted here for privacy reasons).

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