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Posted by Pamela and Chris on Friday, December 13, 2013
Sunday January 12th 2014
Last Day Here

Tomorrow morning we depart bright and early to head on south to the Uki house-sitting job. We have had a lovely time here in Toowoomba, and enjoyed looking after the property and pets. We were happy to have given the family who lives here piece of mind whilst they were away on vacation, as they didn't have to worry about their home with us here, which allowed them to relax more than they otherwise would have. Cheerio, we're off!

Mr Mintee on Chris' bike:

He looks quite pleased with himself at that effort!

Tuesday December 31st 2013
Fantale and Lightening

Above: Fantale
Below: Lightening (mother of Fantale)

Mr Mintee hid in our ute just minutes before the hail hit

Christmas Day

Chris and Mr Mintee - don't worry, the grapes were only for the humans!
They are very bad for dogs.

Tuesday, December 24th 2013
Day 11 of a month-long house-sitting engagement in North Toowoomba

We are finding our way around Toowoomba alright by now in spite of the 3-year-old map we purchased as new within minutes of arriving here. The mice are very happy with their cleaned cage and fixed roof on their little mouse house, and Mr Mintee has reluctantly had a couple of baths since our arrival as per our instructions, but was very well behaved throughout. Pancake objected to the first cage cleaning with much squarking, but was happy enough the second time around and seems content with our presence now.

Saturday, December 14th 2013
We are looking after the home, pets and garden of a lovely couple and their teenage daughter whilst they take a well-deserved holiday to visit family down south. They have opened up their 100 year old home to us and we feel very welcome. It's warm and cosy, with lots of room, which is great after a week of camping along the Queensland coastline on the way here!

Day 1 of a month-long house-sitting engagement in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia

Mr Mintee looks very happy to have us looking after him and his fellow furry/feathered friends and home

Pancake is eyeing us off suspiciously but doesn't seem perturbed by our presence

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